Tom Anderson Pickup
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  • 时间:2010-11-5
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  • HC-Series:

    Within the sanctuary of a sleek and smooth cover (chrome, nickel, raw nickel, gold or black) beats the heart of a vintage lion (fun description, don’t you think). Mild to medium to hot output, HCs sing with a wonderful vintage-flavored voice, depicted by focused midrange energy and enlightened by extremely musical upper-mids and seasoned with sweet, soft and soothing highs. HCs could quickly become your favorite humbucker


    A succulently sweet and clear neck humbucker—throaty and full neck humbucker tones we all love without being overly bloated. A nice match with the vintage-level HC1+ in the bridge position.


    More neck humbucker saturation, output and smoothness than HC1- while still retaining equilibrium for the neck position perfection. The quintessential mate for the medium-hot HC2 in the bridge position.


    Vintage-level output and signature, with a voice of mid-centered perfection, surrounded by soft, articulate upper-mids and highs.


    For bridge application, another time-honored Anderson humbucker series—medium-hot to hot output, focused-field (mid-concentrated frequency response) bridge pickups for an experience of more mid-muscle without sounding “pinched”—still full bodied and surprisingly musical, even at higher power levels


    Musically hot output levels—HN3 utilizes H3 power levels and trades highs and lows for a bit more mid muscle.


    Take the next step up from the HN3 with a bit more gain and smooth saturation—while still remaining very harmonically rich.


    The time-honored Anderson humbucker series. A complete line of broadband (full frequency response) humbuckers, characterized by ample amounts of lows and highs while still having plenty of midrange power, never squashed or narrow—always big, full and robust. Due to their construction, these pickups also split amazingly well


    Same as the H1- above but with a little more output and fullness for additional oomph—perfect balance for an H3 bridge pickup or those that want more neck fullness.


    Perhaps our most popular bridge humbucker—not too hot, not too cold but just right with a big low end. Full mids without giving up all the highs and lows.


    Thicker, fuller and hotter than the H2+, this is where musical legato begins—makes the picking hand feel completely fluid while still presenting more than just midrange-only tone.


    A step up from the H3 with a touch more gain and low end power.


    Are these the best T-size single coil, hum-canceling, pickups ever heard? In a word: Yes, yes they are. You will give up nothing to get rich, full bodied tonalities accentuated by sweet, soft and lush highs that are always perfectly smooth and clear


    Neck position, vintage level, rich and softly clear hum-canceling single coil sound


    Bridge position, vintage level, hum-canceling single coil sound


    Most popular hum-canceling bridge position, hotter, richer single coil tones—very sweet


    Longtime standard for hum-canceling, S-size single coils, SAs speak with a dynamic voice characterized by full bodied low mids & clear, dynamic high


    Vintage level, single coil sound, hum-canceling (great for neck and middle application)


    Hotter single coil-sound, hum-canceling (bridge application to balance w SA1s)


    The same ultra musical sound as our SF-Series pickups—the most musical S-size single coil, hum-canceling, pickups ever heard—a real breakthrough—even richer than real vintage coils with equal effervescence, highlighted by sweet, soft and lush highs but…SCs are sheltered under the cover of coffee dipped, black or white covers.


    Hot single coil-sound, hum-canceling (great for hotter neck and middle application or for bridge with SC1- in neck & middle)


    True vintage level, single coil sound, hum-canceling (great for neck and middle application)


    The sweetest true vintage, staggered magnet, S-size single coil pickups ever heard. We wind them to be full-bodied and lush—without a hint of that cloudy, over-wound sound. Highs are unbelievably sweet and soft so they are always soothing and never harsh. Sold separately without covers but if you are equipping your very own Anderson Guitar, for your visual pleasure, they can be had with coffee dipped, black or white covers


    Vintage single coil, full bodied with sweet, soft highs


    Now our most popular vintage series pickups, VA7’s slightly reduced pole piece stagger welcomes a fuller bottom with less traditional G-string rattle


    Reverse wound VA7 for hum-canceling combinations

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